General Information

Conference President

Dace Rezeberga (LV)


Gilbert GG Donders (B)
Steven Witkin (USA)
Local Organising Committee
Dace Matule (LV)
Ludmila Viksna (LV)

Scientific Committee Members

A. H. Adriaanse (The Netherlands), D. Petrevich (Austria), S. Gerber (Switzerland),
S. Guaschino (Italy), P. G. Larsson (Sweden), J. Martinez de Oliveira (Portugal),
W. Mendling (Germany), P. Judlin (France), J. Paavonen (Finland),
D. Rezeberga (Latvia), B. Stray-Pedersen (Norway), I. Sziller (Hungary),
A. Ugwumadu (UK), C. Ünlü (Turkey)


W. Mendling / P.-G. Larsson / P. Heckzko / G.Donders
29 October 2015
Limited participants
Pre-conference registration necessary


Date Topic
29 October 2015 Pre-conference meeting (in Latvian) – Meeting Country Managers ESIDOG/ISIDOG
Opening lecture and Ceremony
30 October 2015 Infections in pregnancy
Biomarkers of chorioamnionitis: Is amnioscentesis necessary? A. Ugwumadu (UK)
GBS vaccination: Where do we stand? K Slobod (USA)
How intensive should we screen for Toxoplasmosis and CMV? B. Stray-Pedersen (N)
Debate: Sense of use of antibiotics and probiotics, R. Lamont (UK) and U. Hoyme (D)
Sexually Transmitted Infections
Resistant Trichomonas: A ghost or a devil? N. Crucizi (B)
Is Chlamydia being over-emphasized? P. Horner (UK)
Responsible use of antibiotics
New antimicrobials: What is in the pipeline? J. Paavonen (FIN)
31 October 2015 Vulvovaginitis
Asymptomatic BV: Does it exist? P.–G. Larsson (S)
(Over) use of molecular biology, G. Donders (B)
Towards defining probiotics as a drug, Palmera (P)
Can Candida be fearsome in pregnancy? L. Petrevic (A)
Advanced Course on Vulvovaginitis Management (Meet the experts)*
Influence of HPV vaccination on medical consumption, P. Nimienem (FIN)
Contamination and Non-sexual transmission of HPV, K. Louvanto (CAN)
Biomarkers to predict HPV related cancer, C. Meijer (NL)
Time to screen with viral tests, but which test? M. Arbyn (B)
1 November 2015 Unresolved Clinical Issues
G. Donders (B), Frieze (D), P. Greenhouse (UK), P. Heckzko (PL), W. Mendling (D),
J. Paavonen (FIN), H. Verstraelen (B)
HPV vaccination in older women?
Should we screen pregnant women for CMV?
The use of vaginal culture?
Vulvodynia: vestibulectomy or not?
Cytolytic vaginosis, a separate entity?


Impressions from Riga (Members only)

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